Preparing For your Studio

Preparing for your studio session. 

Portrait sessions are a great way to get the family together, have some fun and capture the moment.

The time is right

  • ·         Arrive a little early to give you enough time to settle before commencing your photo session.  Great time for the photographer and children to bond.
  • ·         Choose a time of the day that your children are energetic, avoid nap and feeding times.

Get the right look

Prepare your outfits early, a casual outfit and a more dressy change is just one idea.  Ask your photographer for change ideas to suit your style of shoot.

  • ·         Outfit changes are a great way to relax the children and get some great story-board prop shots!
  • ·         Little Summer can sparkle around our studio with her wand, and Timmy “show us those keepy uppys in your West Ham kit.”
  • ·         For younger children bring a dry snack, avoid food that would soil the clothes, and don’t forget those baby wipes!
  • ·         A rattle or their favourite teddy would be great for the photographer to use to capture those giggles, great for using in the prop shots too!
  • ·         Don’t forget to bring your pet; they are part of the family too!

Unique to you

Take some time before your session to think of the look you want to achieve.  Your photographer will take some time before your shoot to find this out.  Be open to other ideas, we will cover all styles, traditional, contemporary and the prop shots.  Most importantly have fun,  this shoot is unique to you and will be an unforgettable experience.


Above all relax and enjoy.


Your photographer is here to make your session special,  any questions then call Natasha on 01702 618867.


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